How To Set Up Your Online Memorial

If you follow this steps you should have your memorial on-line within a few minutes

1. Go to

2. Click the Blue Box ‘Create Memorial’

3. Click the Blue Box ‘Join Now’

4. Register for free membership

5. An email will  be sent to you to validate your membership.

6. Either click the link in the email or copy and paste  into your browser.

7. Now you can login to create a memorial.

8 Check Name to see if you can use it (no spaces) eg. john smith  Not John Smith

9. Complete the rest of the details and press the Blue Box ‘Create Memorial’

10 Select from your dashboard ‘Memorial Profile’ and upload a photo of your loved one.

11. Choose Themes from your dashboard and select a theme also select the memorial from the drop down box to apply the theme and press ‘Submit’

12. Add a story ‘Memorial Story’ from your dashboard.

13. Add ‘Memorial Biography, or other features you require from the dashboard.

14 Always  ‘Launch Memorial’ to make changes.

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