About Us

White Dove Memorials is part of a wider Christian organisation comprising of Whitedove Ministry (www.whitedoveministry.info) this site is a hub to our other Whitedove sites and comprises of a radio station broadcasting Christian music and sermons 24 hours a day all year around. It has links to our social networking site, chatrooms and White Dove Music (www.whitedovemusic.info) a Christian music download site supporting emerging artists and choirs etc. Music downloaded from whitedovemusic and uploaded to a memorial helps support the artist who receives a download fee. Other revenue earned on our sites helps towards our nominated charity Ethiopaid (www.Ethiopia.org.uk)

Although we are a Christian based organisation we allow anyone to create a memorial. We do not bar anyone of any other religious organisation, or on the basis of colour, sexuality or for any other reason. Although we do reserve the right to remove anything that could cause offence or is illegal.

The site is for the living to remember and share memories of loved ones who are no longer with us. We are constantly striving to improve the site and add features. The site is Free and always will be, however we do provide a low cost sponsorship feature for a small one off payment that provides extra features. Details here.

Thanks for clicking by, if you need any help or have any questions please use the contact us form.


As we have just launched we would greatly appreciate your feedback. We have gone to enormous effort to produce this system and we know that it will only achieve our ultimate vision with input from our users. Please feel free to submit your thoughts.

it's free!

The best things in life are free and the White Dove Memorial site is 100% FREE. In general a memorial is in part funded by advertising and you will never have to pay or receive a bill for using this service. We offer an ad free premium upgrade for those that wish to have extended features. We also welcome your feedback and of course would encourage you to share our site with people who may benefit from it.